Monday, March 11, 2013

Say yes to the dress...or else!

Paula and Mom (2013)
I've been thinking about writing this post ever since I found the dress I was wearing to Saturday's gala event. 

If you don't follow me on Facebook, this past Saturday I had the honor to not only attend La Prensa's 6th Annual "Mujeres Destacadas" (Distinguished Women) Awards, but I also got to present the amazing women who had been past recipients. I got the privilege to do so because I was the recipient of the 2012 Young Leader Award, something I hold very near to my heart. I also wanted to continue recognizing Hispanic women who made a difference in our community. 

Back to the real purpose of my post "Say yes to the dress...or else!", I noticed that many, many, many people loved the dress I wore to the gala, including myself. 

It wouldn't be fair to not tell you the story behind this beautiful and elegant dress, plus the very special person who allowed me to wear it and actually help me get in it.

Mom and Abu (1976)
You see...this magical pink dress that had me feeling like a total princess was worn originally by my own "mujer destacada": My Mom! This was the very dress my mom wore during her prom at Colegio San Antonio in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico back in 1976 (I'm going to hear it now after giving out her age!) 

I actually wanted to wear this dress for my own prom in 2008 (oh wow I feel old now) but I didn't fit into it. You could imagine what my mom said: "Tu viste, en aquellos tiempos yo era alguien!" ('You see during those times, I was actually someone') 

Little did she or I know that I would have the opportunity to wear this dress a couple of years later. I have to admit, I needed her help to zip it up because man, my mom was a hot skinny momma!  

The most important thing to me though was being able to wear this beautiful dress with my mom right by my side. She wore her dress next to my grandfather and I wore it next to her!

Thank you mom for not only allowing me to wear your dress, but for being the mother that you are! I love you! 

But I think I wore the dress best! :P



  1. Awww I love it!! What a sweet tribute to your beautiful mami. It's a tough call. You both wear it so well.

    ¡Qué bueno fue retratarme contigo aquella noche!


  2. Gracias Laurita! Bueno fue para mi retratarme con la ganadora :)