Tuesday, March 19, 2013

That little voice inside...listen to it!

It's funny how I decided to write this post after watching a Full House episode last night. (Yes, I still watch Full House because it's awesome!) In the show young Stephanie wanted to ride with two immature high school boys and TJ, the older sister didn't let her go saying it was unsafe. After Steph's friend gets in a car crash with the boys, she realizes her older sister was right and asks her how'd she know getting in that car was a bad idea. TJ's response? "You know that little voice inside of you? As you're growing up, if you're lucky, you'll learn to listen to it!"

I can tell you that as I'm growing up, I'm really learning to listen to that little voice and I want to make sure that you are too. This "growing-up" stage of our lives is extremely fun and exciting but it's also a stage where you have to be very careful and aware. You know what? At any stage of your life I think you have to keep those eyes and ears wide open. 

You see, everyday you're meeting new people, finding new opportunities and discovering new things about this world we live in. You constantly find yourself in different situations and most of these will be good but a few can be bad. How can you tell them apart? You listen to that little voice inside! 

Usually you will hear that little voice loud and clear screaming: "Paula! Get out of there! Are you nuts?" The problem begins when that little voice is telling you: "Paula this isn't such a good idea," but you think that little voice is wrong. It happens to all of us at some point in life depending on what situation we're in. You think you might miss out on a bigger opportunity, make a mistake if you walk away or even scared that you might burn a bridge. So far my friends, my experience or lack of has taught me that the little voice is ALWAYS right!  

Don't let pressure from yourself or others get you into anything you feel isn't right. Don't associate yourself with people that you know don't have the best interest. And don't let anyone or anything dictate what you can or can't do. 

On the contrary, find great places where you can grow professionally and personally. Get yourself into situations that will challenge you and help you reach your goals. Surround yourself with mentors, friends and family who will guide you, support you and love you because they want to see you shine. 

But most importantly, listen to that little voice inside of you, it's always right! 


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