Monday, June 17, 2013

New four-legged PRINCESS...

Happy Monday friends! I'm excited to share with you lots of great news this week starting with the addition of this little cutie to our family. I present to you the newest member of the Machado crew: Candela del Rocío.

Candela is an adorable 7-week old Shih Tzu born from Cuban/American parents by the name of Toki and Honey. She currently loves biting everything that crosses her path including but not limited to ears, 'chancletas' and hair. She left behind a brother and sister who are still looking for a loving family but Candela is very happy to be joining our crazy one. 

As of June 16th, Candela lives with her new family and will soon be making appearances at local dog parks. She has already been asked out on two three doggie dates! (She just received a third date after this post)

To see more pictures of Candela del Rocío, you can check out my Instagram: machadopaula13


Monday, June 10, 2013


Hi friends,

I'm very excited to announce that I was recently selected as one of the first UCF Online Ambassadors! What does that mean? It means that around 100 Knight Alums where selected to promote, celebrate and inform our family and friends about how awesome the University of Central Florida is.

For the rest of the year, you will see me post pictures, videos and/or articles about UCF on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (I suggest you pick one or all to follow :). 

From personal experience, my years at UCF where absolutely phenomenal. Not only did I get incredible opportunities with internships and scholarships but I also met some of the most amazing professors, mentors and friends that have now become essential in my personal and professional growth.  

I’m reaching out today as an ambassador for UCF’s 50th anniversary campaign, Knights Give 50.  In this 50th anniversary year, I ask you to take pride not only in UCF’s past but in its future – a future that will be made even stronger by your support.

Please support Knights Give 50 by making a donation to UCF during our 50-hour online giving campaign that begins June 11, 2013. Every contribution helps, no matter the size.

The UCF Fund is dedicated to enriching the lives of UCF students. Annual gifts allow alumni, parents and friends to have an immediate and direct impact by supporting the university’s most critical and pressing needs.

Follow this link to visit the giving page:

Thanks so much for your support! And if you want to spread the word, just make sure you use #KNIGHTSGive50

For ever a UCF Knight,